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Looking For Beautiful Places For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In North Madras?

November 6, 2018


When the wedding is finalized and you've only some weeks or months left, you most likely are tensed or stressed in wanting every little thing to be perfect. Arranging for a pre-wedding photoshoot between your wedding dates is the best thing that can break the stress as well as the self-consciousness you hold with each other. Before you choose the wedding photographer, choose the locations that make the frames alive. You need not fly or plan a trip for this, as the most exotic of places are right here in North Madras. If you are someone living in and around Chennai, then these places will make some beautiful memories in your life.


N4 Beach


City's beaches like The Marina and Elliot's they never fail to add on to your romance. But, these places are done and dusted since ages and it's tough to shoot some decent couple photographs amidst the huge crowd. N4 beach is a great attraction for youngsters in the city. The blue waters, the ever-dancing fishing boats and the dazzling blue skies will be an ideal place to mark the start of your new adventure. Click some spectacular silhouette pictures in the sun-kissed spots or you could sit here, gazing at the gentle sea waves splashing against the huge rocks and hope your candid photo comes out well as planned.


Royapuram Train Tracks