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Looking For Inexpensive Ideas To Have An Amazing Wedding?

Every wedding should be an affair to remember. It should be a lot of fun and have your unique style in it. No, it does not mean that everything has to be expensive or costly. You can just add a few simple and fun things during your wedding ceremonies to make it a little different from the others. And no, you need not be a filthy rich to implement these ideas. In fact, these ideas are pocket-friendly and can be used by anyone. So, all those who want to add little fun and excitement to their wedding, here are some exciting ideas, which will surely leave your guest thrilled with excitement.

1. Have A Flip-Flops Box

Place the box of flip-flops near the dance floor for your guests, especially the girls out there. This will give them a chance to kick off those high heels and get into comfortable footwear before hitting the dance floor.

2. Have A Music Request Box

Remember, how people surround DJ and request songs at weddings, or how at times guests say, "Why is he playing such old tracks? Why can't he play that hit track?" Well, you can avoid all this trouble at your wedding by placing a music request box.

3. Keep A Suggestion Box Or Book

Everyone loves to give advice. Especially, if it is marriage related. So, why not make your friends and relatives to pen down such advice for you and your life partner. Just imagine how awesome it will be? You can either set up an advice booth or place advice cards on tables or you can take photos with your guest holding their suggestions in an erasable board.

4. Serve Beer Or Cocktail In A New Style

Overlook usual sophisticated bar to serve cocktails or beers. Use water coolers to serve cocktails. What's more? You can also serve rum cakes and multi-flavored vodkas at your wedding. And let everyone praise the lord!!

5. Serve Snacks In A Unique Way

Instead of serving snacks in the traditional way, why not add a stylish twist to it too? Apart from usual and regular fast food counters, have a fun and innovative popcorn counter as well. Have a counter where you can keep different types of flavored popcorns for your guests to choose and enjoy. This can especially be a fun idea to add to your cocktail or Sangeet party.

6. Fun Photo Booth

Photos are exciting and memorable. So, set up a picture cabin at your wedding. This will give your photos an amazing background and as well as give you some amazing candid wedding photography. You can also add to the cabin, some more unique props, like huge goggles, few crazy signboards, etc. to up the next level of craziness.

7. Plan A Wedding Sports Match

Here is a fun way to break some ice, and add some thrill into the traditional affair. You can plan a cricket, volleyball or football game or organise a tug of war between the groom's team and bride's team or boys vs. girls, whichever way you like it best. It will work as an excellent icebreaker and everyone will have a great time for sure.

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