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Expectation meets reality with Kalki fashion's new wedding collections!

Imagine getting married in your pyjamas! Isn't it the worst nightmare ever a bride could get. Well in this current situation being locked indoors wearing comfy clothes has become a part of daily life.

One thing out of this pandemic outbreak never stopped, It's definitely the wedding ceremony. People started to adapt to the new changes, from having destination wedding to now an intimate home wedding, everything evolved eventually around it. The biggest ever task in the whole wedding is obviously selecting the wedding dress.

"Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends." —Kate Spade

Being a girl is really tough and that too if you're the bride you are the show stopper of the wedding ceremony carrying yourself at the best and making everyone left in amaze.

Our expectations should meet the reality. A wedding dress is something every bride dreams to have the best attire on her special occasion from selection of colors, design and mainly a good costume designer to fit the dress perfectly.

"Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting... it's a process, a memory in the making."

Sometimes you may get it as you expected in one place or in multiple places. What if, every requirement for your wedding dress comes under one roof from a stunning designers. And here it is, to all the lovely women, pretty brides out there,

An upstart, innovative, and dynamic brand – KALKI – offers the best of contemporary, ethnic Indian fashion and fusion-wear styles. Staying true to the brand’s unique promise of premium and wearable fashion, KALKI unveils fresh collections and all-new designs throughout the fashion calendar.

KALKI’s design and aesthetic sensibility seeks inspiration from all walks of life- be it the beauty of nature and heritage in art, architecture and culture, intricate creations, and the modern world to the home-bound handloom traditions of India.

"When in Rome behave like one". On being said that it means we got to adapt and change ourselves to the situations and surroundings or else we will be left behind in this fast moving world.

Home wedding/intimate wedding ceremony is the new normal type of wedding. Whatever is the size of wedding is, it's preparation starts from pin to ship. As everything on parlance with changing to this new normal, so does Kalki fashions.

Their launch of new wedding collection is a dream come true moment for brides and women out there.


Mumbai’s most loved ethnic wear brand, KALKI Fashion launches a capsule collection keeping in mind the new landscape of wedding fashion. Titled as ‘Intimate Wedding Collection’, the curated garments are apt for someone who is planning to have a home or small wedding this season. 

A wedding dress is something which is more intimate and personal for woman, it reflects the personality and style of the bride that should be sculpted not just stitched.