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Did corona quarantined your wedding? Worry not!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Everything changed, isn't it? The way we go out, The way we meet and greet people, The way we work, The way we wake up etc etc.. Is that we all call it as the NEW NORMAL thing now a days!

But, some of the tradition and culture is still same from centuries, maybe a little modifications here and there but it's still exist and we do follow it even now.

There are many things like that and one thing if I wish to chose, it would be the WEDDING.

They say, our culture richness is witnessed in the weddings we do. Yes, it's a true thing.

Marriage is a celebration, it's like a festival! And mainly it's about people cheering, enjoying, sharing love and happiness.

Alas! The words like people, crowd sounds kind of a scary now isn't it! It's all because of the covid-19 world pandemic. It has stopped many things in all our lives and we all adopted things which we used to deny in the past.

Similarly in weddings too! As mentioned before, wedding is about people, celebration etc., but in this current situation everyone would be wondering with all ifs and buts on how to get done a wedding with no marriage halls and other facilities aren't available, so many questions.

Change is a changeless law and if we did not adopt and update ourselves to those changes we stand behind the line and outdated.

Have we all ever thought, that weddings can be done with a very minimal people as an intimate one! Have we all ever thought is it possible to change home as a beautiful place for the wedding to take place!

To all those questions and confusions, here comes our INFINITY -A MEDIA STORE. One place for all your needs. We the team infinity changed all those impossible to possible.

So in wedding what change can be done you all might think, well we all know once the wedding preparations begins it starts from pin to ship.

Our team Infinity - A Media Store is one stop destination for all your wedding needs.


Everyone wish to have a beautiful decorations, stage setup, backdrop, floral, photo booths, traditional mandapam setup, magnificient reception stage. But yes, it can all be done with a very spacious marraige halls or in an any outdoor destination weddings for the decorations to look grandeur.

Ever wonder the same magnificent, grandness can be recreated in your HOME itself!

The answer is YES! with a very creative team who excel in designing, sculpting and excelling in art will provide you an amazing decoration in your house itself according to your needs we customise the venue with in your budget.

Changing your terrace to beautiful wedding hall.