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Why You Must Choose Destination Wedding Over A Traditional Wedding

Everyone knows how incredibly stressful weddings are. The task of planning a traditional wedding to create one of the most memorable days of your life can be a huge stress. It seems like there are endless decisions to make; from choosing a venue, theme and listing down the guests, picking the best invitation card and sending out. Finding the best wedding photographer and booking the DJ. All to make your special day a memorable one.

To some planning, a big party might be fun, right? But, most brides experience constant stress from the time they get engaged till the night of their wedding. This is one of the reasons why destination weddings are more popular.

Getting married truly is one of the most beautiful days of your life, and it shouldn't be full of stress by all the expectations of a traditional wedding. Why not get rid of all the stress of planning a wedding in a traditional way and instead travel to a beautiful destination for a wedding. Here are 5 reasons why destination weddings are always better than traditional weddings.

Less Planning Stress

If a destination wedding is your decision, then the only thing you have to do is to choose your destination and book your tickets and accommodations, the rest is taken care of by the resort. Most resorts offer wedding packages that include everything from a lustful tropical beach wedding or lovely mountaintop wedding.

More Cost Efficient

The average Indian wedding costs around RS 10, 00,000.00 that's a lot of money for a single day of celebration. Destination Weddings, on the other hand, cost less and includes a week-long stay, meals, fun activities, and your wedding ceremony.

Better Quality than Quantity

When you have a wedding far away from your city which takes hours of travel to attend, it's going to clear out a lot of people from the guest list. Looking at the positive side the people who travel long hours to attend your wedding will be the most important people in your lives and you'll get to spend quality time with those closest to you, as you celebrate one of the best days of your life.

A Chance to Explore New Places

What's better than starting your marriage on a happy note, by spending the day on a deserted beach with your friends and family or trek to a lovely mountain. The memories you make together with friends and family while exploring new places will last way longer than the memories of the traditional wedding.

The Bragging Rights

Let's be honest – the best part of every destination wedding is the beautiful destination and showing it off in your beautiful wedding photos.

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