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I'm Shravan Saravanan, a passionate person about photography. Photography made me reflect on what I'm since my childhood days. It became my identity. It all started as an amateur photographer, and now I'm being a pro but still learning and developing my skills on a regular basis. Photography speaks a language without communication. And a memory is not just a word, a memory is mute emotion, but it can be unmuted through photographs. This is drop reason, for the creation of infinity, to the creation of infinite memories.


Infinity - a media store, as the name itself signifies it's nature. "A media"- a medium to connect(photographs, videos). "Store"- to select your favorites(packages). "Infinity"- to beyond the end (endless memories). Our company gives you planners, designers, executors, for your weddings, promotions, photo shoots. And also the choices you wish, for your big day to make it the best day. Packages are available at your level of affording. Our company values your happiness first, and then the reward you give us is secondary. We have an ebullient and effective team to work with. Making your work easier is our work. So sit back and enjoy your day and let us give you a heartfelt result in the end. It's a young and experienced team, with expertise in photography and videography. The way you think will be creatively resulted in making it new even after several days passed, by our young and expertise best wedding photographers in Chennai.

Shravan Saravanan 

Lead Photographer and founder

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